The CV is dead. Long live the interview.

95% of HR professionals recommend Swyg

I would highly recommend Swyg. The videos are far better than just a simple recording you get from many other platforms.
Anouk 1

Anouk Agussol

CEO at Unleashed

What is Swyg?

Bespoke interview questions

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Reduce Bias

Skip the CV

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Hiring Manager

I would definitely recommend Swyg. Swyg can remove unconscious bias and lets you narrow your funnel to a smaller pool of high quality candidates while saving hours of time.
Alexia Arts

Alexia Arts

Investment Manager, MMC


This is the best interview process I have ever faced.
Candidate 1

Anonymous Candidate, after interview about data analytics.


They quickly helped us identify the best candidates in our pool, and the analysis provided was invaluable in deciding what areas to focus on during the interview process.
Amanda harrison

Amanda Harrison

Client Success Partner, Talent Works International


I absolutely loved the experience. I felt energized and excited. Awesome service and tool that you guys/gals have built.
Candidate 3

Walter J, after an interview about general competence.


Swyg is the most interesting thing happening to hiring since... i don't know, Linkedin? It's new, it's a bit insane and I love it.
Martin Henk

Martin Henk

Co Founder, Pipedrive


I'm disappointed that I didn't make the next round but [...] this interview round was really one of a kind and left me feeling empowered to do better.
Candidate 2

Candidate, after being rejected


Swyg really helps out startups that don’t have the time to interview many candidates. The platform helps me as a part of the founding team focus on the most promising candidates that have the best engineering skills right at the start of our hiring process.
Philip bell

Philip Bell

CTO, Schoolytics

We are a fast-growing company so there is loads of work to do. We tend to recruit when we're already in that pinch point. So it's like a double whammy of two jobs, recruiting plus building our product, which can be horrible and stressful. Swyg gets rid of that stress. I was surprised at how accurate the candidate scores are, it helped me turn 100 candidates into the best 15 in no time. Swyg helps me save 20 hours of time per hire which is pretty impressive really.




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