Moving fast is essential to compete.

The best candidates don’t wait around and reducing time to hire is the only way to stay competitive in a fast-moving job market.


Find hidden gems.

Make candidate sourcing more effective by looking in new places. We help you hire the best people before anyone else knows how good they are.


A three dimensional view of your candidates.

Traditional predictors of success are no longer valid. We help you look beyond the CV by giving every candidate a face to face interview.


How it works.

Candidates interview other Candidates

Candidates interview each other through 1:1 video chats

Candidates assess each other based on pre-defined questions

Our AI detects and corrects for bias

We provide unbiassed, fair assessments on both technical and interpersonal skills

You don't want to hire robots, so why have a robot do the hiring?

We designed our platform to empower people, not replace them. Swyg combines human insight and integrity with the efficiency of AI technology

What Candidates Say

I would say this is the best interview process I have ever faced.

Early access?

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