Candidates interview candidates to build better teams

I would highly recommend Swyg. The videos are far better than just a simple recording you get from many other platforms.
Anouk 1

Anouk Agussol

CEO @ Unleashed

Next Generation Video Interviews

Candidates interview other candidates to:

  • Reduce Bias
  • Speed up your process
  • Find Hidden gems

AI-Powered Scoring

We use AI to ensure all interviews are fair and to reduce bias.

  • Based on scientifically proven interview best practices
  • Validated on thousands of interviews

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How it works

  • 1. Choose interview questions

  • 2. Invite candidates

  • 3. Watch the results come in.

  • 4. Make a great hire!


Swyg quickly helped us identify the best candidates in our pool, and the analysis provided was invaluable in deciding what areas to focus on during the interview process.
Amanda harrison

Amanda Harrison

Client Success Partner @ Talent Works International

Hiring Manager

I would definitely recommend Swyg. Swyg can remove unconscious bias and lets you narrow your funnel to a smaller pool of high quality candidates while saving hours of time.
Alexia Arts

Alexia Arts

Investment Analyst @ MMC