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One Interview, Multiple Job Opportunities

Is Swyg for me?

Yes. Swyg is for everyone. We believe that the current recruitment process is prejudiced and flawed. We’re on a mission to create a fairer, inclusive and more diverse hiring world for everyone. Whether you’re looking for work today, open to all opportunities or intrigued about new positions in the future, Swyg is the network for you.

Candidates in 3 D

1 interview session, multiple job opportunities

Get hired for who you are and not because of where you are from. Show your skills and don’t just list them. In only a one 60 minute Swyg interview session, you can easily portray and showcase your qualities. Then we will work to introduce you to several open and relevant positions within your field.

Reduce Bias
I absolutely loved the experience. I felt energized and excited. Awesome service and tool that you guys/gals have built.
Candidate 3

Walter J

After an interview about general competence.

I'm ready to apply

This is the best interview process I have ever faced.
Candidate 1

Anonymous Candidate

After Data Analytics Interview

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