Benefits for employers

Reduce time-to-hire.

By giving you more insight early in your hiring process, Swyg enables you to make better decisions, faster.

Hire the best people.

By identifying the best candidates early, we let you focus on the people you actually want to hire.

No more CV screening.

People are more than the sum of past job titles. No one likes to write CVs, no one likes to read them. Time to move on.

A more inclusive hiring process.

Traditional CV screening and interviewing processes are biased. People have a natural tendency to hire people like themselves. This creates monoculture in companies and causes companies to miss talented candidates.

Swyg solves this problem by soliciting reviews from multiple interivewers and by using A.I. technology. We actively detect and correct for bias.

Hiring Journey.



Candidates apply on hiring company careers page.



Hiring manager sets interview questions in the Swyg platform and invites candidates.


Peer to Peer interviews

Candidates interview other candidates. Swyg handles all aspects of the candidate journey through our process.



HR manager and hiring manager get access to a dashboard with detailed assessments and can review recorded videos.

Early access?

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