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Next-gen video interviews

Traditional interviews are over.

  • No more monologues to camera: Swyg offers interactive, two-way video conversations.

  • Peer-to-peer interviews help your candidates be themselves in a natural conversation.
  • Watch recordings of interviews to learn more about candidates and discover their interpersonal skills.

Swyg is the most interesting thing happening to the hiring space since... I don't know, LinkedIn? It's new, it's a bit insane and I love it!
Martin Henk

Martin Henk

Co Founder, Pipedrive


Focus on top candidates fast

Find out who scored the highest on key performance factors.

  • Swyg generates interview scores using AI and human reviewers.

  • Reduce time-to-hire: discover who you want on your shortlist in minutes.

  • Focus your time and efforts where it matters most.

Swyg quickly helped us identify the best candidates in our pool, and the analysis provided was invaluable in deciding what areas to focus on during the interview process.
Amanda harrison 2 1

Amanda Harrison

Client Success Partner, Talent Works International


Tailored to you

Every role and company is different, and Swyg adapts to those needs.

  • Customized interview questions: your candidates can answer the questions that focus on your desired skills.

  • Tailor your onboarding page so candidates recognize your brand and feel at ease.

  • Decide your own key performance factors and categories to accurately score your candidates’ responses.

I would highly recommend Swyg. The videos are far better than just a simple recording you get from many other platforms.
Anouk 1

Anouk Agussol

CEO at Unleashed


Super Easy Setup

  • 1. Pick interview questions

  • 2. Swyg makes it happen

  • 3. Sort and shortlist the best

  • 4. Make an awesome hire

Frequently asked questions

  • You'll get a 30-day free trial. This includes 1 role with 50 candidate users.

  • Setting up is really easy. We provide everything you need to get started: interview questions, invitation email template, and a dashboard that let's you see progress in real-time.

  • Yes, you can configure Swyg to use any interview questions you want.

    We're pretty opinionated about what makes for good interview questions, so we'll help you write some really good ones.

  • We will prepare a custom landing page for candidates with your branding and information about your company. Just share the link to that page with anyone that you want to go through an assessment.

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