Make hidden talent visible

With Swyg, your referral network has no bounds!

Referral hires go a long way. They are more skilled and experienced, faster to hire, stay with you longer, and are more likely to accept an offer because the process is faster.

Swyg quickly helped us identify the best candidates, and the analysis provided was invaluable in deciding what areas to focus on during the interview process.
Amanda harrison 2 1

Amanda Harrison

Client Success Partner, Talent Works International

Next-gen video interviews

Traditional interviews are over.

  • No more monologues to camera: Swyg offers interactive, two-way video conversations.

  • Watch recordings of interviews to learn more about candidates and discover their interpersonal skills.

  • Peer-to-peer interviews help your candidates be themselves in a natural conversation.

Focus on top candidates, fast track them into your hiring process

See top candidates that scored the highest on key performance factors related to the skills you're looking for.

  • Swyg generates interview rankings using AI and peer reviews.

  • Reduce time-to-hire: with a recommended shortlist of the highest rated candidates.

  • Focus your time and efforts where it matters most.

Swyg is the most interesting thing happening to hiring space since... I don't know, LinkedIn? It's new, it's a bit insane and I love it!
Martin Henk

Martin Henk

Co Founder, Pipedrive

How Swyg helps you hire

  • 1. Tells us about the role you're hiring and most important skills you’re looking for.

  • 2. Review your shortlist

  • 3. Make an awesome hire

Frequently asked questions

  • We do not look at years of experience. Some people need 10 years to learn what others learn in 2. We look at how well candidates answer competency-based interview questions.

  • Some of our best performing candidates have 10+ years of experience.

  • Our platform us currently invite-only so we can ensure a great experience for our candidates. You the link below to request access.

  • We're pretty opinionated about what makes for good interview questions, so we will use some really good ones from our database. Or if you would like to customize, we will write some really good ones based on your job spec and key skills needed.

  • We select candidates based on how they answered interview questions. You can get same-day access to candidates that have already answered questions from our database. Seeding custom questions to the network takes about a week.

  • You are free to contact any candidates that you find through Swyg, no barriers.

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