We’ve implemented Discord into our communication strategy and here’s why!

Building a brand takes a lot of hard work and determination. Companies build their brand based on common values that the team has together.

Transparency, openness and honesty are three values that we believe all the Swyg team has and portrays in their personal and professional lives. We are a small team that is regularly thinking about ways to improve the company both internally and externally.

Communication is tough. Even the biggest establishments struggle with it. Our news organisations are always quick to criticise or speculate about the internal ‘going-ons’ within Governments and major sports teams for this reason. Their communication tactics can sometimes seem secretive or half-hearted allowing the press to create this type of content.

At Swyg, we have always been open with our internal communication. We use Slack and we aim to minimise the amount of private messages that we send to each other. Vincent gets a team usage report sent to him and won’t be scared to challenge us if we have sent more messages directly than in an open channel for the whole team to see.


We are a remote-only team and we are in different time-zones. We need to be sure that everyone knows what is going on every day with everybody.

Even if that means publicly shaming our founder (Sorry Vincent! 😜):

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 12 26 34

We feel that we’ve nailed our internal communication. It’s become a habit. No more waiting until team meetings to bring up something that is urgent or important.

So that got us thinking…

How can we improve our external communication?

This is something that companies are thinking about more and more each year. In the crypto space, they create communities based on this common interest and tend to use Telegram as a way to build this engaged audience.

We wanted to do something similar.

As we’re a team of “geeks” that will all openly admit to playing computer games daily. Discord became the natural new home for a Swyg community.

We started the channel during our “Interview Challenge” event earlier this Summer. Our initial invitations went out to those in our current audience. Those who followed us on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, along with new people who were referred to this challenge or were introduced to us via a HR group explaining the event.

We didn’t know if anyone would join but they did, slowly but surely.

After the event, we were overwhelmed with how this small community had interacted. They wanted to connect with other participants and were all on a mission for self improvement and networking.

This is what happened:


Community members started connecting with each other and everyone seemed engaged.

This channel was started at a very interesting time for Swyg. We were about to embark on a journey that would attract more people towards Swyg and understand exactly who and what we are.

We get a lot of questions daily, from candidates, community members, clients and pretty much anyone who has any interaction with us. In order to answer everything openly for everyone to see, We knew we had to keep Discord alive.

Now Discord is well and truly part of our everyday life.

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 12 40 28

Channel members now come quick and fast. Whether they are new or previous candidates, clients or just those interested in Swyg and what we do, everyone is welcome to talk and keep the conversation going.

We also provide important updates regarding things going on at Swyg:

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 12 54 01

This allows everybody to see what is happening at the same time.

We have also implemented a 10 minute weekly Q&A session into our schedule. This is an opportunity for everyone in the channel to ask any questions in the voice channel to Swyg team members.

We know Discord is new to a lot of people and these sessions have so far been fairly successful.

Even when we’re busy talking and others are unsure of how to join and listen in, other people in the channel have been helping out to prevent any issues with the flow of this session:

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 12 40 43

Our activity on Discord has been embraced wholeheartedly by those who have joined. We are regularly seeing open messages from community members who want to share their experience and how they feel about us.

As you can see, people are still keen to use the channel as a way of connecting with those who they encounter during a Swyg session:


Not only does it make us feel good to hear this type of feedback but it also gives us substance to ensure that we continue with this form of communication.

We do still enable private interactions on Discord as we fully understand that people aren’t always comfortable asking questions publicly.

Regularly during recruitment processes, things can seem disjointed but not with us. Discord has enabled us to be professional but also show the ‘humans’ behind the names.

We’ve had private conversations about football, music, Netflix and even changed languages in the middle of a conversation:

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 12 43 19

We want everybody who interacts with us to get the feel and the vibes that our team has. We are proud of our initial results from using Discord and we will always continue to try and improve and listen to feedback.

We’re still learning so we will always welcome suggestions. This email below was exactly what we hoped for because although there is plenty of praise, it’s given us food for thought of how to be clearer about our purpose on Discord. Hopefully this blog post is a big help!

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 12 38 28

We’ve implemented Discord to provide an open source for anyone that encounters us to ask away. We know that Swyg is quite unique and that people don’t understand everything straight away.

The channel is there to provide clarity, to bring updates and to connect those who have experienced a Swyg session first hand.

And most importantly, it gives you the option to send GIFs of Cristiano Ronaldo:

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 12 39 41

So feel free to join us!

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