High contact center employee turnover? Assess the right skills first!

Call Centers or Call Centres (depending on where you’re from!) are transforming rapidly. The contact center hub is evolving at an exciting pace, but recruiting the right people can be a real challenge.

It’s no secret that the biggest pain of call hubs is high employee turnover.

Retaining call center agents is an industry-wide problem. Currently;

  • Small-sized hubs face a turnover of 17%

  • Medium-sized hubs face a turnover of 34%

  • Large-sized hubs face a turnover of 44%

The bigger your center, the harder it seems to retain the right staff. Plus, it’s expensive!

As with all businesses, employee replacement costs a great deal of money. These high employee turnover rates means pockets become even emptier. On average, to replace just one member of staff, it costs at least $5,000, so the costs can rise to astronomical sizes if you have the capacity or the need for more staff.

This is a common and shared pain with recruiters across both sides of the Atlantic. The United Kingdom currently has an attrition rate of 19% in their call centres while their cousins in the United States face a higher attrition rate of 26%. The rate is similar for those in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (to name a few!) confirming that this is a truly global problem.

Why is turnover so high in call centers?

It all starts with the recruitment process. Many employees don’t feel prepared for the less glamorous elements of the job such as dealing with frustrated customers, answering questions that they are unsure of immediately and the amount of time they will actually spend on the phone.

Many contact hubs have an unstructured recruitment process that leaves candidates confused and talent acquisition/hr staff unsure of who to look for. Without a solid approach for assessing the key skills needed for call center agents, staff turnover is inevitable.

So, what is the solution?

A solution is needed to help call centers reduce their turnover, cut down the amount of time spent recruiting while saving the business money that they could spend elsewhere (such as offering higher salaries to staff as low salaries also contribute to turnover).

All of these problems stem from the minute you decide to hire. Your recruitment process doesn’t need to change fully, but it does need to be improved and innovative.

It’s a lot more simple than you may imagine.

The way to reduce high staff turnover is by managing candidate expectations from the start while also assessing all the key essential skills closely. This can be interlinked with Swyg.

Swyg is a peer-to-peer video interview platform that uses AI and science to aid you with your recruitment process.

It allows a recruitment process to commence without the need of sifting through endless piles of resumes and CVs. This technology was designed and developed to reduce the subconscious bias within hiring by allowing all potential candidates the opportunity to be assessed based on their conversations with other candidates during a Swyg interview session.

So why is this appropriate for call centers?

We could list the endless benefits of Swyg for days, we’re passionate about what we are doing and we want everyone to feel the same!

Instead, we just want to highlight where we can come in specifically for you:

  • Swyg allows candidates to be assessed on key skills that are essential for call center staff - in particular, communication and judgement.

  • Swyg allows you to manage expectations for candidates if they are hired, set specific questions to be asked based on their future daily duties.

  • Swyg allows you to find out from the start of your recruitment process whether candidates are tech-savvy, effective with problem solving and can be thorough and accurate when having conversations.

  • Swyg allows recruiters/hiring managers to see a list of all participants in order of their interview scoring, saving time (and money!) by focusing on the best candidates for you.

  • Swyg allows you to rewatch interview videos, comment, place emoji’s and assess each candidate individually - perfect for collaborating within teams.

  • Swyg provides feedback automatically to all of your candidates, offering a better experience for each applicant and enhancing your businesses reputation.

(and so much more!)

Swyg is a solution that can be personalized for your current needs. If you want to find out more about how we can help you specifically, book a demo here!

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