How AskSuite grows around the world with Swyg!

AskSuite is a hotel technology company originally from Brazil, with a mission to simplify direct communication between hotels and travelers through human touch and Artificial Intelligence.

Equipped with an amazing product, they are growing rapidly and expanding across the world, including Latin America, the United States and Europe.

The Challenge

Asksuite's challenge is to expand the team internationally across different countries and time zones.

To build a team of talents; recruiting, interviewing and selecting people in different positions who are also aligned with the company's purpose is not an easy mission.

AskSuite's talent team wants to focus their time on making meaningful connections with the most valuable candidates.

How AskSuite uses Swyg

Swyg offers three simple features

  • Source - AskSuite finds candidates with the highest ratings based on peer recommendations for specific relevant skills.

  • Screen - AskSuite's talent team reviews videos of interactive interviews that candidates have already completed.

  • Share - AskSuite's talent team shares candidate profiles and videos with the hiring manager to ensure all stakeholders are always aligned before deciding who will progress.
“The quality of the candidates is incredible. Hiring on the Swyg platform reduced the time it took to hire 10 times.”

Tamy Silva

HR Business Partner at AskSuite

Selection based on key skills:

An additional challenge for any company is finding candidates with truly specific skills.

In this case, those specific skills are B2B sales, SaaS sales, full-cycle consultative sales, including lead generation, prospecting, pitching, negotiation, and customer success. Furthermore, the hospitality experience is essential for AskSuite.

Through the Swyg platform, candidates are highlighted for their key skills, as validated by peer review and Swyg interviewing technology. This means the AskSuite team can focus on the 5 most qualified and engaged candidates each week, without having to review hundreds of profiles.

“The quality of the candidates is incredible,” says Tamy Silva, Lead Talent Acquisition at AskSuite, “Hiring on the Swyg platform reduced the time it took to hire 10 times.”

Key Results

  • Find hidden talent: AskSuite found the first candidate they wanted to hire through Swyg in about a week and has been using the platform every week since.
  • Improved targeting: 40% - 60% of Swyg candidates progress to follow-up interviews, 20 times more targeted than outsourcing through job boards.
  • 10 times more efficient: Time spent with HR and hiring managers on triage has been reduced from 20 hours per week to 2 hours.

“I underestimated how much time this would save me,” says Tamy, “We were impressed with the speed and quality of the Swyg platform. It would have been very difficult to find these qualified candidates on your own in this period of time.

That's a win for both sides: for recruiters and HR teams, this platform creates the opportunity to access hard-to-find talent. For applicants, the process removes bias and provides a very transparent initial screening experience.”

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