How Swyg Helped Unleashed Hire an Amazing People Partner

The Challenge

The hard part about finding the right candidate for a people partner role is that interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence required for such a role are impossible to identify based on a static profile.

Conducting interviews with all the candidates yourself is time consuming and has the potential to introduce bias. Moreover, Unleashed was looking for someone who would fit in well with the very forward-thinking company culture and approach at Unleashed.

As such, they found in Swyg an interview process that retained the human element of interviews, but enabled more people to go through to interview in order to reduce bias from screening.

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The Approach

Swyg uses candidate-to-candidate interviewing to generate interactive video interviews that are recorded for people teams and hiring managers to review.

The interviews are fully customized to the needs of the hiring company. This yields unparalleled results in terms of the quality of the videos for the purpose of selecting candidates.

Moreover, feedback from multiple peer reviewers is a powerful new type of data; that Swyg’s AI technology uses to detect and correct common cognitive biases. Learn more about how Swyg works.

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The outcome

“I just had more confidence in my final short list because I had access to both the videos and the peer scores. Swyg also sped up our process by a 3x at least. I would never have been able to interview 18 candidates on my own in 3 days.” Says Anouk, CEO of Unleashed.

Download the full case study.

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