How Swyg Helps You Hire Better Teams

By focussing on inclusivity, and making the hiring process fair for everyone.

Finding great candidates is tough. The pressure on internal recruitment teams is enormous to deliver a steady stream of high quality candidates.

For rapidly growing teams, inclusivity often takes a back seat to the need of quickly filling as many positions as possible.

Swyg takes the inclusivity challenge and turns it into a strength.

The Swyg Candidate Network - Inclusive candidate sourcing

The world is full of hidden talent that you never get to see. Either because they never applied to your job or because you rejected them based on a static profile. This disproportionately affects underrepresented minorities.

We've built a candidate network that is different. By selecting candidates on different criteria, we find candidates you missed.
We don’t look at past job titles, instead we look at skills. We don’t use our own biased personal opinions, instead we rely on the judgement of multiple peer-experts.

Swyg is the most interesting thing happening to hiring since... I don't know, Linkedin? It's new, it's a bit insane and I love it.
Martin Henk

Martin Henk

Co Founder, Pipedrive

Candidates are selected based on peer-reviewed skills, not past job titles

Check out our detailed description of the Swyg process (with video) here. In a nutshell, every candidate does multiple 1:1 interviews with other candidates while alternating between the role of interviewer and interviewee.

This enables us to identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses based on reviews from their peers. Not based on a set of past job titles. Learn why peer to peer interviews reduce bias.

As an employer you get access to a small group of the most highly engaged and highly qualified candidates.

I would definitely recommend Swyg. Swyg can remove unconscious bias and lets you narrow your funnel to a smaller pool of high quality candidates while saving hours of time.
Alexia Arts

Alexia Arts

Investment Manager, MMC

Recorded video interviews to help you collaborate with your team

Employers get access to recordings of the conversations candidates had with their peers. This instantly helps you get a sense of the actual person behind the page. More importantly, you can share this video with hiring managers so you can align internally without having to interview every candidate yourself.

I would highly recommend Swyg. The videos are far better than just a simple recording you get from many other platforms.
Anouk 1

Anouk Agussol

CEO at Unleashed

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