What do candidates REALLY think about the Swyg process?

This is a question that we get asked daily, sometimes more than once! Existing clients, future clients, candidates, competitors, investors and peers all want to know the answer. We’ve been spending the last few weeks thinking about how we can answer this question thoroughly.

As part of our process, we regularly ask for feedback from candidates. So that we can continue to improve our platform and services for both them and our clients. We have been collecting this data for the last couple of months and we wanted to share some of the stories that candidates have told us recently. These candidates are from different industries, different countries, different backgrounds and have had different success rates within our process.

Here are some quotes from candidates that have given us permission to share their experiences with you. These quotes are all from candidates that have experienced Swyg through our new peer referral network that connects highly rated candidates with multiple job opportunities. We’ve anonymised their surnames as some candidates are currently working and their employers may not be fully aware of their intentions to progress their careers.

“This is one of the best interviews that I’ve ever had. I really trust Swyg and the process due to the level of support that has been given to me since making my first application. I found Swyg through the website and thought “I’m going to give this a go” and I’m so grateful that I did”

Sakina H

A candidate that took part in a Sales & Account Manager session in May 2021

“I didn’t know what to expect and I was a bit unsure of whether I wanted to take part. I went onto Swyg’s resource page and read the Candidate Perspective blog post. This helped me to prepare and give me more confidence for the interview. I didn’t expect to meet and speak to so many international candidates. It was a truly incredible experience.”

Scott G

A candidate that took part in a Sales & Account Manager session in May 2021

“I stumbled across Swyg on Linkedin and when I was invited to an interview, I really wanted to do it. I was fascinated by what it may entail and it was really good. The pace of the interviews was perfect, 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. There was even time for breaks which I wasn’t expecting! Receiving feedback was also an awesome experience. Understanding how I ranked against a variety of other participants with different experience and different interview techniques. Being able to then see your feedback in a visual way helped me understand where to improve in the future.”

David R

A candidate that took part in a Sales & Account Manager session in June 2021

“Honestly, I was dreading this interview at first. I am incredibly introverted and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to impress with this side of my personality. It was incredibly interesting, I opened up more than I expected and I was able to meet other marketers who had different experiences. I’ve never learnt so much from just one interview”

Tyler B

A candidate that took part in a Growth Marketing session in June 2021

“Well, there were technical difficulties during the first session and we had to reschedule. The first session that had issues lasted 20 minutes and I didn’t feel that was a waste of time. Working in product, I was more than aware that these things do happen in technology. Those 20 minutes gave me enough to understand why it was imperative that I did a full session. Honestly, I was like WOW! We haven’t had real innovation within recruitment for years and this product and concept is not only enjoyable but it’s a game changer. Some of the questions could’ve been improved but I can see this being the future of recruitment.”

Mihir B

A candidate that took part in a Product Manager session in June 2021

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“The whole experience has been very educational and informative. It’s helped me improve on my communication skills, particularly with people that I don’t know personally. The Swyg team really helped me, they gave me an opportunity to do another session as I wanted to improve my skills and I have learnt so much. It was very relaxing and rewarding and even if I don’t get matched with an employer through Swyg, I now have a new confidence going forward”.

Chioma I

A candidate that took part in a Sales & Account Manager session in July 2021

TL;DR? (Too long, didn't read?) - Watch Gabriel's story here:

“Let me start by talking about the p2p interviews. Initially, I was so so so nervous. I didn’t know what to do. I thought “how could I be an interviewer when I’ve never done that before?” Then I got into it and felt totally different once the interview started. Everyone introduced each other in a friendly manner and it helped break the ice. I felt every single person in my session was genuine and no one wanted to sabotage each other, they just wanted to help. The experience after, with the feedback and the progression of my application has also felt very real and honest. The whole approach is very open and I feel there is no BS. This is the most refreshing experience that I’ve ever had within a recruitment process”

Namrata C

A candidate that took part in a Growth Marketing session in July 2021

“This was the first time that I wanted to give feedback after using a platform. Shockingly, it’s because the feedback was positive. The experience wasn't perfect and I did feel a bit nervous at the beginning. The first 2 rounds felt like everyone was still finding their feet but it was very natural. We were able to relax due to the format of the session. I felt the time given for answers was completely fair and the questions were right for the role. Myself, I feel I answered in a succinct way because of how the software works. You are given different chances and opportunities to meet and speak with different people from across the globe. I loved meeting everyone. I honestly don’t even care if I get matched with a job after this, the experience overall was really incredible.”

Robbie L

A candidate that took part in the Sales & Account Manager session in July 2021

“Interesting experience. Beforehand, I was thinking “wtf is this?”. I went to my personal and professional network and reached out to some recruitment specialists that I know. Not one person had heard of this type of concept before. I’d done assessment centres before that I really didn’t enjoy. There was one group assessment process that I did like and it was because I changed my mindset from “we’re competitors to we can work together”. I decided to approach Swyg the same way. I only wanted to help the other candidates that were in my session. I think everyone that participated felt the same way and that helped me relax and enjoy the experience. I have now recommended Swyg to the recruitment specialists that I wanted the advice from originally”

George G

A candidate that took part in a Growth Marketing session in July 2021

“When I received an invitation for the p2p interviews, I didn’t feel comfortable with this at all. I requested a traditional interview instead. Rob from Swyg used this opportunity to talk to me about the p2p interviews with his first question. He wanted to know why I chose this option and I felt comfortable enough to explain that I don’t enjoy new experiences. As he also took part in a Swyg session as part of his recruitment process, he gave me first-hand experience and I felt he understood this more than anyone else after being in my shoes previously. This gave me confidence to take part in a session the following week. It was genuinely the most unique interview of my whole career. I think it does what it’s meant to do and it absolutely removes bias from the hiring process among other benefits. I will share my overall Swyg experience with everyone that I encounter professionally as I want to celebrate a company that is addressing workplace bias directly and the experience has already given me multiple opportunities as I am in direct contact with their clients already”

Jordan B

A candidate that took part in a Sales and Account Manager session in August 2021

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