What is a Peer to Peer interview?

Innovation takes time to become mainstream knowledge. Today, it is very common to hear phrases like “You should Google that!” or “Let’s Uber home!” or “We should Skype later!” but it wasn’t always like that.

We hope that one day people will say “Did you Swyg?”
But before we jump ahead, let us explain the core concept of Swyg, the Peer to Peer interview in more detail.

It's a bit like a speed dating event, online, between candidates. Where the objective is for candidates to help each other shine. In a nutshell, every candidate does multiple 1:1 interviews with other candidates while alternating between the role of interviewer and interviewee.

  1. Candidates sign up and pick a time that suits them.
    There are many sessions every week on multiple topics. Candidates can pick a time that suits their schedule.
  2. Multiple short 1:1 interviews with different partners.
    During the interview, our platform pairs each participant with a partner for a short 5-minute interview. One participant will be assigned the role of interviewer (the other the role of interviewee). Our platform shows the interviewer a question to ask and what a good answer should look like. After one 5-minute round, participants are paired with a different partner and switches from interviewer to interviewee and vice versa.
  3. Candidates give feedback about each other.
    At the end of each 5 minute interview, both candidates answer feedback questions about the performance of their partners. Yes, both interviewee and interviewer give each other feedback. They can score their partner from 1-5 on key performance dimensions.
  4. The entire process takes less than an hour.
    After that, Swyg uses a combination of AI and human review to make sure all the interviews were fair, adjusts biased review and eliminates any unreliable reviews.
  5. Every Candidate gets feedback.
    This usually happens a few days after the interview.

To see what these interview sessions look like, click on the videos below.

Here you can see Rain as the candidate, being interviewed by another candidate, Vincent.

And on the next round Rain is paired with Tess and is taking the role of the interviewer.

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