What is a Peer to Peer interview?

Innovation takes time to become mainstream knowledge. Today, it is very common to hear phrases like “You should Google that!” or “Let’s Uber home!” or “We should Skype later!” but it wasn’t always like that. We hope that one day people will say “did you Swyg your candidates?”. But before we jump ahead, let us explain the core concept of Swyg, the Peer to Peer interview in more detail.

Imagine a speed dating event, online, between your candidate pool. Let’s imagine you have 20 prospective candidates. You can interview them each individually or you can use the Swyg platform to do that initial intro conversation for you:

  1. Onboard your candidates into our platform. We will send them an email explaining that you’re inviting them to participate in our innovative interviewing process. In this email we will explain the Swyg process, what to expect from the interview sessions and the feedback they will receive from us.

  2. Your candidates will all join an interview session at the same time. We will pair all of your candidates into short 5 minute rounds of interview chats, after which we will pair them with a different candidate.

  3. We will prep the candidates as to what they are expected to do within the 5 given minutes. One candidate will be given the role of an interviewer: this will include a question that you want them to ask to the other participant, as well as tips on follow up questions and examples of what a good answer should look like.
    The second candidate will be given the role of the interviewee: we will tell them they are about to be asked a question and guide them on how to answer clearly and concisely, asking for any clarification when not sure.

  4. At the end of the 5 minutes, we present both candidates with a list of questions about the performance of their participants. Yes, both interviewee and interviewer. They can score their partner from 1-5.

  5. We allow for about a minute of rest before we pair the candidate again with a new participant and carry on this cycle until the hour is complete.

To see what these interview sessions look like, click on the videos below.

Here you can see Rain as the candidate, being interviewed by another candidate, Vincent.

And on the next round Rain is paired with Tess and is taking the role of the interviewer.

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