The Swyg Interview Challenge, where you get to show off your interview skills!

How does it work?

Video interviews with your peers

You will go through several short 1:1 interviews with a partner. In each chat, one of you will be interviewer and the other will be the interviewee. We'll provide the questions.

Give Feedback

We provide anonymous feedback forms to both participant after each interview. Don't worry the Swyg team moderates these to ensure fairness.

See how you did

Once we analyse the results and ensure a fair game, we will share your results with you. If you made it to the top 10, you will feature on our leaderboard.

It's more fun to do it with your friends - share with them now.

The prizes

For the best interview answers:

  1. First prize: 250€ Amazon gift voucher
  2. Second place: 150€ Amazon gift voucher
  3. Third place: 50€ Amazon gift voucher
  4. Most creative answer: 50€ Amazon gift voucher

For the best interviewer:

  1. Best Interviewer: 150€ Amazon gift voucher
  2. Best interview question: 150€ Amazon gift voucher

See contest rules for details.

Reduce Bias

What's in it for me, you ask?

  • Promote

    Get exposure and prizes

  • Community

    Be part of a community

  • Feedback


  • Interview

    Share your knowledge

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Schedule for 10th June 2021:
All times are BST (UK/London time):

- Join us on Discord to meet the team!
- Challenge starts
- Join us again on Discord, meet your competition and ask question

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  • No, just show up, we'll provide everything you need including interview questions and other people to talk to.

  • No, everyone will be both interviewer and interviewee at different time. No matter if you're an expert or a newbie, switching roles is fun and educational.
  • Yes, we'll be hanging out on Discord before and after the interviews.
  • Our interview questions for this challenge will focus on on a specific subject area, in this case, sales and business development. We do this to so we can focus on competency based questions, the gold standard for good interviews.