Candidates interview candidates to build better sales teams

Swyg is the most interesting thing happening to hiring since... I don't know, Linkedin? It's new, it's a bit insane and I love it.
Martin Henk

Martin Henk

Co-Founder @ Pipedrive

Next Generation Video Interviews

Candidates interview other candidates to:

  • Reduce Bias
  • Speed up your process
  • Find Hidden gems

AI-Powered Scoring

We use AI to ensure all interviews are fair and to reduce bias.

  • Based on scientifically proven interview best practices
  • Validated on thousands of interviews

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How it works

  • 1. Choose interview questions

  • 2. Invite candidates

  • 3. Watch the results come in.

  • 4. Make a great hire!


Swyg really helps out startups that don’t have the time to interview many candidates. The platform helps me as a part of the founding team focus on the most promising candidates that have the best engineering skills right at the start of our hiring process.
Philip bell

Philip Bell

CTO @ Schoolytics

Hiring Manager

I would definitely recommend Swyg. Swyg can remove unconscious bias and lets you narrow your funnel to a smaller pool of high quality candidates while saving hours of time.
Alexia Arts

Alexia Arts

Investment Analyst @ MMC