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Prevent employee turnover before it happens

Focus on individual needs to increase employee retention

With a shift to remote work, competition for talent is higher than ever. It's no longer enough to look at organization-wide measures of employee satisfaction. Modern employee retention and engagement strategies are data-driven and tailored to each individual employee.

Staff retention starts with measuring the problem

Swyg helps you identify who is most likely to be headhunted (or leave on their own). That way, you can focus your efforts on individuals and departments where action is most needed.

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Find what drives turnover in your business?

Swyg helps you understand drivers of turnover such as lack of personal growth, salary inequity, and market demand for specific skills. Break down potential staff turnover by job function, department, or geography. Either to drive retention strategies or plan recruitment efforts.

Who Is Leaving

The Most Essential Strategies to Improve Employee Retention.

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of their annual salary is the cost of replacing an employee.

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reasons for leaving are preventable


Is the accuracy with which Swyg can predict impending leavers

Learn about what your employees really need